How realistic is it to obtain credit in the Savings Bank?

All tips regarding the processing of loans begin with recommendations about the choice of a credit institution. In this regard, Sberbank seems certain leader and a benchmark, because at all times it was considered the most reliable financial institution. Even today, despite the fact that the deposit rate in the bank almost the lowest of all the bank offers, people continue to trust him with their money.

The main thing – honesty

No less Sberbank earned a solid reputation in the field of lending. It is this credit structure first introduced the concept of a job fair lending, which implies a transparent tariff policy and the absence of veiled commissions. On the other hand, even, for example, in the pre-crisis time when the credit market experienced a real boom in credit “per hour” and “interest-free” loans, the main bank of the country such proposals were not, and customers are selected very carefully and long. But interest rates on loans were relatively low, and lending conditions – relatively transparent.

On the other hand, in its credit policy Sberbank refused (as well as not refuse now) of such additional sources of income as a mandatory life insurance (with the abandon of this insurance you can only within 30 days after the registration of the credit), automatic sms or informing the moratorium on the early settlement of loans.

Always active…

A distinctive feature of the country’s main bank is the constant presence of his funds. At this bank financial institution the largest number of investors, besides this bank – agent of almost all government programs. For this reason, the Savings Bank had no problems with liquidity, and at times when other banks are scaling back most of its lending programs, the financial structure continues to work in the same rhythm and with respect to consumer short-term loans, and in relation to long-term projects such as the such as mortgages. However, we can not say that these products are offered at the lowest rates – the rates Sberbank rather average.

…And growing

Often you can find the network rather unflattering reviews of the Savings Bank. Among the main complaints – permanent line sluggishness employees, and often simply boorish treatment of customers. Besides its main source of income are likely the state program and the Commission for operational services, rather than the loan portfolio. However, in its work the Bank is constantly evolving and gradually out of the ordinary savings banks is quite a universal bank. Thus, the more active the work on the issue and dissemination of credit cards, open new offices, where workers are not simply dressed in a new form, but showing more attention to potential clients.

Applying for a loan from Sberbank – Myth or Reality?

If you use any services of Sberbank could almost every turn to, the execution of the loan facility – a simple question. To begin with, consider your application the bank will be up to 2 weeks, which is not comfortable with each borrower. In addition, the percentage of failures in lending Sberbank is high enough, and the reason that you do not give money, you hardly know.

It is worth remembering, and that to get credit for the two documents in the Savings Bank have also not released, regardless of whether you want to take a loan to buy a car or make a credit card with a minimum limit, the documents will have to provide more than solid. Most of the main bank of the country as borrowers “loves” those citizens who through well paid. Then the loan will not just give, and even impose by force.

However, even if you are not a customer of Sberbank payroll, but you have stable official work, wages, allowing to pay the credit and good credit “reputation” in the bank you will be welcomed with open arms.

Where do I get loan for businesses without collateral?

Get credit for businesses without collateral is quite real. Although the interest rate on such a loan may be higher, and approves the amount is less, but you can get it faster and easier.

It is understood that the unsecured loan business will never be given that there are only a few days. In such a loan can count companies have worked for at least 6-12 months on the market. And business should not just languish, and to prosper and to have the prospect of development.

These moments of bank checks, when the owner applies for a loan. By the time still is faster than getting a loan with collateral, as time is saved on the valuation of the property notarization, insurance.

Typically, the amount of business loans without collateral are low and it is due to increased risks of credit trends. For example, the Bank of Moscow are ready to give the entrepreneur a loan without collateral, only if the requested amount is less than 1.5 million rubles. The term business shall not be less than 9 months. The decision on the application take up to 2 working days.

Raiffeisen Bank issues loans for working capital without collateral. The loan amount – 300 thousand. Up to 5 million rubles. The deposit is not required, but will need to guarantee business owners.

The SKB-Bank, if the employer asks to 2 million rubles, he did not require any collateral or guarantee. Those who claim to be the sum of 3 million rubles, the choice can present a guarantee or collateral.

As explained in the press service of the bank, they are well aware that the entrepreneur no collateral or guarantors. All that he has – that’s his business and entrepreneurial talent – the value of hard formalizable.